"Hallelujah! Just when I think it's unsafe to go back in a theatre, a gem like this appears on the scene. Go see this company. And bring all your friends."
Susan Conley, WOW

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The World's Wife
Based on a collection by Whitbread Award winning poet, Carol Ann Duffy, The World's Wife is a witty, flamboyant, irreverent and terribly well dressed look at the secret lives of the great wives. more info>>



Lady Susan
'Dangerous Liaisons' meets 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane' - Based on Jane Austen's only novel-of-letters, Lady Susan is an hour long rollercoaster ride through a world of machinations, secrets and illicit liaisons set in the upper echelons of aristocratic society. more info>>


To Kill a Dead Man
The detective thriller meets the monster movie! With a plot that has as many twists and turns as a rubik's cube, this is a tale of the very unexpected. To Kill A Dead Man plays at The Half Moon Theatre, Cork from February 2006. more info>>


Tick My Box!
Inis Theatre's fourth production was a sell-out hit at the 2004 ESB Dublin Fringe Festival and won the Best Actress(es) Award for the lead performances. Tick My Box! tours Ireland and abroad throughout 2006. For further details, visit our Tour page



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